The Project ‚upgrade2europe‘

“upgrade2europe” supports small and medium-sized organizations (SMOs) such as associations or foundations, educational institutions, and SMEs from the service sector in facing the challenges of transnational work in Europe. An integrated digital learning tool offers six complementary and freely accessible online products that accompany organisations on their path to Europe. With this learning tool, users can acquire the necessary knowledge for the Europeanization of their organizations, applying an on the job, step-by-step learning approach. Educational providers can use the materials and a sample curriculum for further training offerings.

Why do we need “upgrade2europe”? Living European values, engaging in cross-border civil society activities, and actively participating in European (economic) life is only possible for those who are aware of their possibilities and are capable of utilizing them. Many organizations lack the necessary institutional readiness for this, or there are still various opportunities for them to position themselves better. Professionalisation is necessary so that as many actors as possible can implement their transnational activities in Europe more effectively in the future and make optimal use of existing opportunities.

This is where “upgrade2europe” and its holistic approach come in, offering an assessment tool along with other tools for organisational development as well as a wide range of information on the topic. Capacities need to be built in various organisational areas, including operational, technical, and financial capabilities. “upgrade2europe” supports organisations in recognising their strengths and identifying the areas that are in need of development regarding European work.

The “upgrade2europe” project accompanies organisations on their way to Europe. It was carried out from October 2020 to August 2023 by seven partner organisations from six European countries and was funded by the EU program “Erasmus+” (project number: 2020-1-DE02-KA202-007626). All partner organisations have extensive experience in international cooperation and in the field of organizational development.

“upgrade2europe” builds on the success of the EU project “Europeanisation” (2014-2016; Project number: 2014-1-DE02-KA200-001539). The project was awarded a “Success Story” by the European Commission and recognised as a “Good Practice Example” by the National Agency Germany NA-BiBB.