Self-Assessment Tool


With the upgrade2europe Self-Assessment Tool you will analyse how well prepared your organisation is for European activities.

You will receive an individual assessment including recommendations for your next steps on your way to Europe. With concrete advice on tools provided in the upgrade2europe handbook, you can start your organisational development.


How does the Self-Assessment Tool work?

You will pass through 3 phases in the assessment of your organisation.

01 Assess

You will be shown 4 situation descriptions for each topic. Choose the situation description that best represents your organisation. You will assess a total of nine organisational areas which are important for the Europeanisation of your organisation

02 Evaluate

You will receive an evaluation of your organisation. You will, therefore, be able to see how your organisation is prepared for international work and where there is a need for improvement. You will receive individual recommendations for future action from each of the 9 organisational areas.

03 upgrade2europe

Develop a strategy for the Europeanisation of your organisation. To this end, use the recommendations for action created for you as a guide and benefit from the upgrade2europe materials with a variety of tools and videos to support you.

We recommend that you design the entire upgrade2europe process together as a team and involve as many colleagues as is reasonable and possible. In this way, you shape your journey to Europe in a collaborative organisational development process, the outcome of which the team identifies with and implements together in a dedicated and committed manner.

More Materials


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Learning Videos

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Process Modell

Dive deep into the theory that upgrade2europe organisational analysis is based on.
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