The upgrade2europe Handbook offers you comprehensive material to prepare your organisation for European activities.

The tools and methods are prepared in a hands-on way so that you can apply them directly in your daily work.
The handbook supports trainers in designing interactive workshops.

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How do I use the Handbook?

The handbook is designed as a companion for everyone looking to prepare for European work or wishing to ease their day-to-day European working life and will serve as a step-by-step guide to develop your organization on the job. This will brace you for the challenges of European work.

Special features of the Handbook:
  • A wealth of information that enables your individual process of organisational development
  • Work-based learning with many practical examples to inspire you into action
  • Material for trainers who wish to offer upgrade2europe workshops internally or externally on the open market
  • Designed for both beginners as well as advanced professionals on their way to Europe

Content of the Handbook

15 Tools related to Europeanisation support your organisational development. You start exactly where your Europeanisation process now stands and utilize the correct tools to support your development process. This allows you to walk your very own path to Europe, guided by our upgrade2europe materials.

Extensive information for trainers, a model for an interactive workshop and practical tools enable you to offer upgrade2europe workshops on the Europeanisation of organisations. You can of course also just let yourself be inspired by the wealth of available information and materials and create your very own workshop.

More Materials

Self-Assessment Tool

Where is your organisation on its journey to Europe? Find out with the interactive upgrade2europe Self-Assessment Tool.
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Process Model

Dive deep into the theory that upgrade2europe organisational analysis is based on.
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Email Course

Let yourself and your organisation be inspired by a brief upgrade2europe message on a weekly basis. Reading time: five minutes.
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