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Get inspired by weekly upgrade2europe info on how to prepare your organisation even better for Europe.

You will receive a weekly email with valuable information for your way to Europe over a period of ten weeks. The hands-on information can be applied directly in your everyday work. You only need five minutes of reading time.

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How does the Email Course work?

Are you thinking that Europe offers opportunities and possibilities for your organisation, but you don’t have enough time to learn about the subject? The upgrade2europe email course meets these challenges. In just a few minutes, you can gain knowledge about the Europeanisation of your organisation and get inspired. The course raises awareness of the topic and offers a first insight into upgrade2europe.

It consists of 10 learning units. Each one presents a step on your way to Europe. The course is characterised by its hands-on approach. Each email contains a ‘call to action’ and refers to a suitable tool out of the upgrade2europe handbook for a more in-depth introduction to the topic. In this way, the course provides an easy and step-by-step introduction for you and your organisation.

To receive a weekly upgrade2europe email with important information on European work, you need to register with your email address.

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Dive deep into the theory that upgrade2europe organisational analysis is based on.
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