Who’s behind the upgrade2europe project?

The six upgrade2europe products were developed as part of the eponymous project which was initiated by emcra – Co-chaping Europe. Seven organisations from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, Hungary and Italy combined their expertise to create the holistic upgrade2europe approach, which accompanies organisations on their way to Europe.

The partners are experienced in the Europeanisation process and in organisational development. All of them offer educational and training activities and share an interest in facilitating the Europeanisation process of their members, clients, or stakeholders. They hold the view, based on experience, that opening up towards Europe improves the offer and performance of educational organisations, organisations in general, and companies.

Details of the individual organisations are provided below.

emcra - Co-shaping Europe

emcra - Co-shaping Europe


Berlin-based emcra – Co-shaping Europe is a leading training and consulting company in the areas of organisational development and leadership as well as national and European funding and fundraising.

emcra accompanies foundations, associations and (social) enterprises through the challenges of change management. The focus is on financing/funding, new inclusive leadership approaches, digital transformation, project management and on accompanying organisations on their way to Europe, including the implementation of international standards.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Csongrád-Csanád

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Csongrád-Csanád


The Csongrad-Csanad County Chamber of Commerce and Industry has a history of 130 years, 1100 members from the fields of trade, industry, service and crafts, and direct contacts to more than 33000 enterprises. The chamber’s primary duty is economic development and general business representation.

CSKIK is hosting the regional office of the European Commission’s Enterprise Europe Network, which helps businesses innovate and grow on an international scale. The Chamber is thus part the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized enterprises with international ambitions.

EU-Fundraising Association

EU-Fundraising Association

The EU Fundraising Association e. V. (EUFA) is a non-profit organisation active throughout Europe, with its headquarters in Berlin. EUFA was founded in 2010 by a network of professional EU fundraisers.

One of the main concerns of the EUFA is European integration and the support of European citizenship. Through its work, the EUFA aims to encourage individuals and organisations to think and work in a European context.

As a professional organisation, the EUFA aims to establish quality standards for EU fundraisers, grant managers, and project managers from the profit and non-profit sectors.

The Cyprus Project Management Society

The Cyprus Project Management Society

The Cyprus Project Management Society (CPMS) is a non-profit member-driven professional association, established in Cyprus in 2008. The Society’s main aim is to disseminate the benefits of using Project Management methodologies and standards to companies, professionals and the society in general.

In implementing its projects and other activities, the CPMS draws strength and competences from the participation and contribution of its volunteers.

The CPMS is the national association in Cyprus of the International Project Management Association (IPMA), the most renowned project management federation of over 60 Member Associations (MAs) worldwide.



PRISM is a non-profit social enterprise with the mission to create equal opportunities for the progress of people, communities and societies. It acts as a qualified co-planning hub for the elaboration of tailored development strategies and interventions, valorising diversity and the social, cultural and economic resources of communities with an international perspective.

Its main fields are:

  • Entrepreneurship & employability
  • Research, innovation & new technologies
  • Social cohesion, equity & equality
  • Local development & sustainability
  • International cooperation, mobility & youth


Internationally successful University

Tallinn University of Technology (TALTECH) is the flagship of Estonian engineering and technology education. The university cooperates with industry partners and promotes entrepreneurship and the start-up community.

High-quality programs and successful alumni

Study and teaching based on internationally recognized research – TalTech graduates are highly rated on the labour market worldwide.

Excellence in research and innovation

TalTech actively responds to the needs of a rapidly developing society and is dedicated to tackle the challenges of the digital era.

European Center for Quality

European Center for Quality


European Center for Quality was founded in 2001 and specializes in:

• Management consulting in the field of EU-funded projects
• Training programmes for business entities
• Linking the world of business with the education and training sectors
• Development of international standards for quality management.

ECQ’s mission is to develop and manage projects in a way that guarantees their successful realisation. ECQ works in close-knit cooperation with national and foreign partners, among which are educational institutions, NGOs, SMOs and SMEs.