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On what step of its journey towards Europe does your organisation stand? Make use of our free self-assessment tool to find out how well prepared your organisation is for working internationally. You will receive individual recommendations for your next steps towards Europe based on your results. The upgrade2europe tools and videos will then interactively prepare you for your first steps towards Europe.
  • »A helpful tool with which my organisation can work to its maximum potential in Europe.«

    Astrid Weber,
    Bavarian Youth Council, Germany

  • »The instrument's vivid and helpful situation descriptions make a nuanced consideration of the state of your own organisation possible.«

    Barbro Rönsch-Hasselhorn,
    Evangelical Church of the Rhineland, Germany

  • »The self-assessment tool showed us how we should go about working more professionally on a European level.«

    Vivian Jehle,
    BildungsCent e.V., Germany

  • »This could be your testimonial!«

    Jane Doe

    Self-Assessment Tool
    How it works


    You will be shown 4 situation descriptions for each topic. Choose the situation description that best represents your organisation. You will assess a total of 9 organisational areas which are important for the Europeanisation of your organisation.


    You will receive an evaluation of your organisation. You will, therefore, be able to see how your organisation is prepared for international work and where there is a need for improvement. You will receive individual recommendations for future action from each of the 9 organisational areas.


    Develop a strategy for the Europeanisation of your organisation. To this end, use the recommendations for action created for you as a guide and benefit from the upgrade2europe materials with a variety of tools and videos to support you.

    How upgrade2europe works!

    6 upgrade2europe products for your successful journey to Europe: a self-analysis tool, learning videos, practical methods for everyday work, an email course and more.
    This is how it works!


    The upgrade2europe Handbook offers you comprehensive material to prepare your organisation for European activities.

    The tools and methods are prepared in a hands-on way so that you can apply them directly in your daily work.
    The handbook supports trainers in designing interactive workshops.

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    Process Model

    The process model provides information on the theory on which the uprade2europe organisational analysis is based.

    What requirements does your organisation have to fulfil? Which organisational areas are being addressed? The model provides answers to these and other questions.

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    Further Education & Training


    Develop your own upgrade2europe training. The curriculum offers you various content.
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    Learning Videos

    Add variety to your upgrade2europe training. Use our learning videos.
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    Use hands-on tools and methods that are easy to apply in your upgrade2europe training.
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    Email Course

    Get inspired by weekly upgrade2europe info on how to prepare your organisation even better for Europe.
    Five minutes of reading time.

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