The upgrade2europe Curriculum provides you with content for your workshops and further training for the Europeanisation of organisations.

For 9 organisational areas, the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities are described in detail, which are needed to autonomously and responsibly accompany an organisation on its way to Europe.

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What is the Curriculum useful for?

The upgrade2europe Curriculum offers training providers detailed information on the contents and objectives of training courses on the topic of Europeanisation of organisations. Get inspired and use the comprehensive information, which is prepared according to the European Quality Framework (EQF) level 5, for your courses. The comprehensive content can be used in part or in its entirety as the basis for your further training offers.

Content of the Curriculum

The upgrade2europe Curriculum defines the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to autonomously and responsibly accompany an organisation on its way to Europe in the areas listed below.

Domain 1: Corporate Governance – The Foundations for Success

  • Mission, vision and organisational culture
  • Strategy and assessment
  • European and international dimension

Domain 2: Management and Leadership – Getting it right

  • Management Excellence
  • International activities and international project management
  • Leadership Excellence

Domain 3: Operations & Resources – People, Infrastructure and Finances

  • People and Infrastructure
  • Financial Capacity and Financial Management

Domain 4: European Partnerships & Alliances – Cooperation and Communication

  • Cooperation and external Communication

More Materials

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Learning Videos

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