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Our Story: Education and Consultation in Europe

Based in Berlin, emcra – ‘Europa aktiv nutzen’ – is a leading training and consulting company in the areas of national and European funding, European project and financial management and the internationalisation of organisations.

The Challenges of Training and Consultation in Europe

As EU policy experts, we share our specialised knowledge about the EU funding system, European project work and the internationalisation of organisations with those working in Germany and partially beyond our national borders. Our experience of working in this area has shown us how quickly the needs of our target group can change and bring new requirements for our training and consultation. We want to remain competitive by continually offering our clients a high and up-to-date level of service. Guaranteeing this and going even further to gain a foothold on the European market required that we look towards Europe. We actively decided to take the strategic step of internationalisation and carry out the investments involved with this in our company.

Our Journey towards Europe

We strategically identified issues in our company which we wanted to develop further. Alongside this, we researched potential partner organisations in Europe in order to establish a network for European business relations. We carried out one of our European projects in the area of the transfer of knowledge: our long-established German training programme ‘Qualifizierung zum EU-Fundraiser’ was adapted for the construction sector and transferred abroad. We successfully implemented this programme with partners from Germany, Spain and Hungary as part of the EU project ‘ConstructEU’, which was funded by the Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP). Alongside the transfer of knowledge, this project enabled us to expand our offer with a new product.

Impact of Europeanisation on our company

International activities have by now become part of our daily work. We have a reliable network of European partners and increasingly develop products for the European training and consulting market. Alongside the joint development of products, we believe that European work enables an invaluable exchange of knowledge. Being able to learn with and from others in Europe prompts important thought processes within emcra and encourages innovation. Heike Kraack-Tichy, managing director of emcra GmbH, commented: “European work has had a very positive effect on our team. External impetuses increase motivation and we are continually improving our own knowledge – an extremely positive ‘side effect’ that can’t be measured in terms of financial means.”

Our Future in Europe

With a greater international focus in our training and consultation we have been able to strengthen our position in the market. With the help of our European oriented and multilingual team we have developed from a German EU expert to a European company.
We want to keep learning with and from the best in Europe. Comparing our performance with those involved in the same sector throughout Europe helps us to assess our company in a European context better and strategically develop further within Europe. Together with our European partners, we have already planned our next steps.